Adventure Passes

High Trek staff lead a large group of students in a team building initiative.

The most exciting - and easiest - field trip you'll ever plan.

The Student Adventure Pass is our most popular school option, for a few obvious reasons - it's fun, easy to plan, and can be tailored to meet your needs. We've had the pleasure to work with schools of all types and sizes - private, public, several dozen students to several hundred. Read a little more, then reach out!

Student Adventure Pass

The Student Adventure Pass is the best option for schools who want to visit High Trek.

Our staff work with you to build an Adventure Pass experience. Based on time constraints, every Student Adventure Pass can select 3 - 7 options from the following:

Ropes Course + Zip Lines, Fun Wall, Laser Tag, GellyBall, Mini Golf, Facilitated Field Games, Team Building, Gagaball and Lawn Games, Bouncy House, and Z-Tag.

Per Student
Ages 8+
48" minimum height required to climb solo
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* Price varies by date and time of day. Read more under "Pricing" on the SAP page.

Keep reading for more info. All of the following topics are covered below.

The Advantages of the Student Adventure Pass

Dozens of experiences, simple pricing

If you are looking to spend 3 or more hours, or participate in 3 or more of our offerings, it's a no brainer. In most cases, the savings is significant - most clients are saving 30% or more compared our already low non-profit prices - and the pass comes with all of the following benefits.

We handle the schedule

If you're bringing a large group, making sure everyone has an opportunity to experience all of the fun can be difficult. That's why we handle it for you! Once a start time, end time, and desired activities are agreed upon, our talented program staff will handle making the schedule. We even schedule in aspects of program that are not specific to our activities - think time for lunch, snacks, expectation setting, and debriefing.

Chaperones at no cost

Students couldn't be here if your chaperones weren't here. So we want your chaperones to join the fun. We offer complementary ropes course tickets to chaperones, up to a 1-to-10 ratio.

Complementary rentals

As a part of a student adventure pass reservation, your group is reserved space under one or more of our tents (based on size). This is usually charged at $100+ per tent per hour, but is included in adventure passes.

Dedicated program staff

Once you book, our skilled program staff will be in touch to start preparing you for a successful day. When you arrive on site, you will be greeted by a dedicated program staff member. This staff member is your guide for the day - there to keep things flowing, troubleshoot problems, and answer questions you have.


Our Student Adventure Pass offers variable pricing based on date and start time. By offering discounted rates at off-peak times, our hope is not to exclude a group from its preferred time, but rather to encourage groups to book at slower times where they can receive a price break.

This way, more schools can have an amazing High Trek experience and groups on a tighter budget have options for a more affordable experience.

Weekdays before 4:00pm

Before June 5th, or
after June 30th

June 5th - June 30th

Weekdays after 4:00pm







Per Person Pricing


How to Prepare

We've Got Your Back

Do review the information in this section, but also know that when you book a student adventure pass, our staff will be in communication leading up to the day of event. We will pass on necessary steps to prepare several times.

How to be Best Prepared

  • Please arrange to bring chaperones. We ask that your school bring chaperones at around a 1-to-10 ratio. If this isn't possible, reach out and we can discuss what makes sense for your school.
  • Make a note of students and chaperones who have physical limitations that would prevent them from participating in our activities - this includes those with heart conditions, those with back and joint concerns, people who become lightheaded or faint easily, and those who are pregnant. These people should consult a doctor before participating and be prepared to not go up into the course. We are happy to modify their rotation so that they still have something to do!
  • Everyone should have a completed waiver before they arrive. Waivers are online and can be completed anytime before your program.
  • Have all students bring a sack lunch that does not require microwaving or refrigeration OR arrange for lunch to be delivered.
  • Wear close-toed shoes. They are a requirement for all of our activities.
  • Dress appropriately - you will be outside and active the entire time. Dress with layers as if you were going on a hike!
  • Please have your students wear sunscreen as they will be outside for a while!
  • Bring plenty of water, this is a high intensity physical day.
  • Plan to arrive 15-20 minutes early to make the most of your time.


  • All participants must weigh between 30 and 265 pounds.
  • Participants must be at least 8 years old to participate.
  • Those who have heart conditions or who are pregnant should not participate.
  • Participants with joint and back conditions should consult a doctor before participating.
  • Participants may not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Participants must have a valid High Trek Everett waiver completed within the past 360 days. Waivers from other High Trek locations are not accepted. A group waiver management link will be sent over upon booking.

Still not sure?

A High Trek staff member would be happy to answer questions you have. Submit an inquiry to get the conversation started!

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