Team Building

A team completes the mouse rescue initiative.

There's A Lot to Know

There's a lot to know about team building. If you're looking for specific information, you can use the tabs below to jump to sections. If you're looking to learn about team building at High Trek in general, read on!

Team Building or Team Bonding?

Team building and team bonding experiences at High Trek are not the same. It's helpful for us to know what you're looking for as a part of the booking process. Give a look over the comparison below to decide what makes sense for your team.

Team Building

Team building - a structured experience, working toward a specific goal. Balancing team work with team play.
My team has specific goals for our team building session - like integrating new staff, working on strategic visioning, or generally improving communication.
I would like my team to work with a team builder.
My team would like to do ground-based initiatives that push us out of our comfort zone in addition to High Trek's core offerings.
If this sounds like what you are looking for, team building is probably the right choice for you. Keep scrolling for more information!

Team Bonding

Team bonding - more casual experience, great to let off steam or socialize in a casual, fun environment.
My team's main goal is to have a fun time together. We don't have any particular goals or outcomes in mind.
I don't feel the need for my team to work with a team builder.
My team is only interested in pursuing High Trek's core offerings.
If this is what you're looking for, consider team bonding options - booking tickets that aren't labeled "team building". Visit our groups page to get started.

Team Building Options

Our Most Popular Team Building Ticket

4 Hour Team Building + Ropes Course Program

Is your team looking to change group dynamics, integrate new staff, or pursue challenges outside the office? This ticket is a great choice for you!

This ticket includes ~90 minutes of team building work on the with a High Trek team builder and ~90 minutes having fun on the ropes course + zip lines.

Groups sizes up to 60 can book online. Larger groups or groups with special requests should submit an inquiry.

Per Team Member
Ages 12+
48" minimum height recommended
Book Now
* add $10/person for weekend reservations (Fri. - Sun.)
The program generally flows as follows, but there could be rearranged based on group size and what your team builder thinks will provide the best experience for your team.


When you arrive, your group will check in at the office to weigh in, verify waivers, and connect with your team builder. Your team builder will be your guide for the day.

Team building initiatives

Most groups start with about 90 minutes of team building initiatives on the ground, not in the ropes course. This is a time to work on specific goals and to build support in the group. This support is important in helping those who are nervous get up into the ropes course (don't worry, it's all Challenge by Choice).
What are team building initiatives? That's a little hard to explain, but generally they are mental or physical team work challenges. We don't do anything crazy - no lifting or fire walking. Check out the video for a great example.

Space for a break

Some groups choose to take a break for lunch or a brief meeting during their 4 hour program - usually keeping it to around 30 minutes. If you'd like your team builder to account for this time, please be in touch ahead of time.

It's time to climb

Your team builder will guide you through the gear up and ground school process. Once finished with ground school, all participants may enter the course. From there, participants have the remaining time to climb and zip.Instead of telling you how it feels, watch this video to experience it for yourself.

Other Team Building Options

2 Hour Team Building

Our 2 Hour Team Building session is designed for teams that want an abbreviated team building experience. It's best for groups who are looking for icebreakers, introductions, and fun games to complement the rest of their High Trek experience.

For a fun experience, pair this ticket with axe throwing lane rentals or laser tag battle.

Groups sizes up to 60 can book online. Larger groups or groups with special requests should should submit an inquiry.

Per Team Member
Ages 12+
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* add $10/person for weekend reservations (Fri. - Sun.)

Wanting Something Different?

We have worked with clients whose needs were not best met by any of our standard team building offerings. This process takes a little more time but we are happy to see how our team can meet your needs. Submit an inquiry to get the process started.

Variable Pricing
As young as 8
Submit an Inquiry

Adaptive Team Building

Everyone should have the opportunity to grow with their team, despite any physical limitations they may have.

At High Trek, we are applying and informing the latest moves in adaptive team building. We do this through input from our clients, creative problem solving, and the humility to value customer experience over our own concept of team building.

At the end of the day, if you want team building with no running, bending, throwing, or other high impact activities, you can have it! Just let us know your needs and we can adapt our team building to meet them.

A team of computer programmers enjoy success after completing a team building initiative.
Members of an office team work together to complete the mouse rescue team building initiative.

Team Building

Anticipate - Do - Reflect - Apply

High Trek team builders are trained in experiential education principles. The type of team building offered is a bit more intentioned.

During your team building session, you should expect to set goals, discuss group and personal performance in tasks, and make plans for future work together.

Our Team Building Values

Challenge By Choice

Everything is an invitation. We don't "make" participants participate. They are invited to find the level of participation that makes them feel challenged - not panicked or complacent.

Guided By Fun

No matter how brilliant the lesson provided, if you're having a bad time, you're probably not interested. All of our team building experiences are designed to be fun first.

Three-fold Safety

All adventure activities carry inherent risk of three types - physical, social, and emotional. Our team builders design experiences to best mitigate all three types of risk.

Eight youth participate in a team building initiative with PVC pipes in hand.
Youth celebrate success after completing a team building initiative.

Team Building with Youth

"Does High Trek work with youth for team building?" is one of the most common question we receive about team building.

The answer is yes! We are love to work with youth.

We find youth ages 12 and up benefit most from our standard team building programs. However, for younger guests, we are happy to integrate team building as a smaller part of their High Trek experience.

Our past youth team building clients include schools, sports teams, leadership and service groups, church groups, and recreational youth programs.

How to Prepare

We've Got Your Back

Do review the information in this section, but also know that when you book a team building program, our staff will be in communication leading up to the day of event. We will pass on necessary steps to prepare several times.

How to be Best Prepared

  • Make a note of participants who have physical limitations that would prevent them from participating in our activities - this includes those with heart conditions, those with back and joint concerns, people who become lightheaded or faint easily, and those who are pregnant. These people should consult a doctor before participating and should be prepared to not climb the ropes course. We are happy to modify their activity so that they still have something to do!
  • Everyone should have a completed waiver before they arrive. Waivers are online and can be completed anytime before your program.
  • You are welcome to bring in food. Please communicate with us in advance about the timing of your meal. That way you're not 50 feet in the air when it's time to eat.
  • Wear close-toed shoes. They are a requirement for all of our activities.
  • Dress appropriately - you will be outside and active the entire time. Dress with layers as if you were going on a hike!
  • Please bring sunscreen as participants will be outside for a while!
  • Bring plenty of water, this is a high intensity physical day.
  • Plan to arrive 15-20 minutes early to make the most of your time.
  • Send a quick email to reviewing your team building goals so that you and your team builder are on the same page.


There are requirements for the ropes course that are not in place for team building.

Team Building Requirements:

  • Participants must be at least 12 years old to participate.
  • Those who have heart, joint, or back conditions or who are pregnant are welcome to participate but should consult a doctor before doing so.
  • Participants may not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Additional Ropes Course Requirements:

  • All participants must weigh between 30 and 265 pounds.
  • Those who have heart conditions or who are pregnant should not participate.
  • Participants must have a valid High Trek Everett waiver completed within the past 360 days. Waivers from other High Trek locations are not accepted.

Add on to the Experience

Tent Rental

Tents are available to rent. Each tent rental is for 2 hours and include exclusive use of the tent for that time period. Schedule to best accommodate your needs. Must be reserved at least 3 days in advance.

For 2 hour rental
Reserve Your Tent

Snack & Drink Packages

Don't want to worry about refreshments? We have a solution! We retail a box of granola bars, trail mix, and assorted nuts (51 items total) as well as a drink package (2 drinks per person, on ice). Available as an add-on for group tickets.

Snack Box:
Per box
Drink Package:
Per guest
Purchase Tickets to See Add-on Options
Full-finger and fingerless gloves branded with the High Trek logo, offered for purchase at High Trek.


Rental gloves are included in every ticket, but if you want to purchase gloves to own and use again and again, you can! Gloves are purchased as an add-on in the ticket booking flow.

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Still not sure?

A High Trek staff member would be happy to answer questions you have. Submit an inquiry to start the conversation. Want to know how others felt about their team building experience? See reviews from past clients below.