Getting Ready for Your Visit

Waivers & Reservations

Before participating in any of HTA's activities you will be required to sign a waiver. All young people under 18 years old are required to have their parent or legal guardian complete this waiver on their behalf. Anyone 18 years or older must fill out their own waiver. This waiver will be available for all guests to sign at our sales office, however, it is also available online to help you prepare for HTA before you even pull into the parking lot. Filling out the waiver online will save you time on the ground and get you in the air sooner. The waiver will be stored in our system and good for 1 calendar year. To fill out the waiver click on the "Sign Our Waiver" button at the bottom right of the page.

Weather and Clothing

Weather can be a very important factor to consider when planning your day to High Trek Adventures. We are an outdoor aerial park and we will continue to operate in most weather conditions including rain; therefore, a raincoat is something to consider packing in case the clouds roll in during your time in the air.

Clothing is an important factor to consider. During the warmer months it may be tempting to wear minimal clothing; this is not the best option because you will be wearing a full body harness (see FAQs for more on clothing). If you are joining us during colder months, we recommend wearing warm layers, thick socks, gloves, etc. Coming with hand or foot warmers in your pockets isn't a bad idea either.

Wearing the right shoes is also important for your experience. Sandals or open-toe shoes are not appropriate footwear for climbing through the air. Shoes with sturdy soles and traction are recommended as the best to wear when moving around, climbing through cargo nets, stepping into swinging loops, and tight-rope walking across cables. Your shoes must be closed toe for any experiences at High Trek Adventures.

Also note that you will not be able to bring anything up into the park with you that could be dropped. Cameras, phones, gum, money, chapstick, etc. must all be left on the ground. Safety from falling objects for all our guests and staff is very important to us and this is why nothing in your pockets is allowed to go up with you into the air. We can hold your personal items in a cubby location in our sales office.


We recommend drinking plenty of water before, during, and after your visit to High Trek Adventures. This is especially true during our warmer months. Proper nutrition is key so you can enjoy your experience with a full tank of energy! We sell energy snacks and different types of drinks to ensure you have what you need to keep up the energy during your time in the air.

By making the decision to come to High Trek Adventures you are entering a vertical world full of fun, challenges, and excitement. Give yourself a high five, or get one from a friend, because you will remember this trip into the air for a long time.


Once you have gone through the preparation above you are probably ready to get into the air. The only steps left are to make your reservation and get geared up for aerial orientation, we like to call it "Ground School", with our High Trek Adventures staff.

Ground School is the key to understanding how you move through the vertical world with the equipment we provide for you. After this orientation it will be time to get into the air!

In Ground School you will be introduced to the gear used in our aerial park. Each piece of gear is important to your success in the air. Our trained staff will instruct each of you on many aspects of the vertical world including:

-the fit of your helmet and harness
-how to use your lobster claws (i.e. Bornack Smart Safety Belays)
-the design of the aerial lifelines around the park and their significance
-how to use your zipline trolly
-how to enter and exit the park, etc.