Graduation Celebrations & Events

A group of a dozen or so teens and adults posing for a picture in front of the ropes course, wearing all of their climbing gear.

An unforgettable ending to their high school career.

Create the memories that they'll take with them to college and beyond. Celebrate the achievement of graduation with this unique adventure experience. It's about fun, but also a last "hoorah" together. Also use the quote form below for 5th Grade Move Up and 8th Grade Graduation Celebrations or similar events!

Grad Night

Give your seniors a night they won't forget! A Grad Night at High Trek Adventures is a unique grad experience. No other grad experience in the Pacific Northwest quite compares. We offer a one-stop-shop with multiple activities to keep guests engaged through the night. A Grad Night includes use of the following High Trek offerings:

Ropes Course + Zip Lines, Laser Tag, GellyBall, Axe Throwing, Fun Tower, Mini Golf, Bouncy House, Lawn Games, Fire Pits, Picnic Spaces

Per Graduate
Graduating High Schoolers, Middle School Graduation or Elementary School Move-Up Celebrations
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Grad Night reservations are only offered from 9:00pm - 2:00am.

Restricting Grad Nights to this time frame allows us to provide the experience we want for our clients. Students also find it fun! If this time frame doesn't work for you, submit an inquiry to discuss flexible times or other ticket options.


Keep reading for more info. All of the following topics are covered below.

Why choose a Grad Night at High Trek?

Hours of fun

We're confident that your grads will have a blast. We offer so many options for their adventure. Our staff are friendly, helpful, and keep the fun going.

Options for everyone

High Trek is a crowd pleaser. Why? Because we have activities at all levels of challenge. If a student wants something thrilling, they can get off the ground and up into the air with the ropes course and fun tower. If they're looking for a more grounded experience, they can fill their time with mini golf, the bouncy house, laser tag, and axe throwing.

Plenty of large group experience

High Trek is an all group venue. Every year we host over 100 groups ranging in size from 10 people to 400 people. When you book a Grad Night, you're onboarding all of the lessons learned and expertise gained in serving previous groups.

Honoring what's unique about your experience

All of our Grad Night prospects are invited - and highly encouraged - to come to High Trek for an hour or so and meet with our General Manager. During this meeting, you will have an opportunity to discuss the particular ins-and-outs of your students and the experience you're looking for.

High Trek guide preps their group of participants.

Meet with the Manager

Open, clear communication is a critical part of success for large groups.

That's why we start before you even book. If you are considering a Grad Night at High Trek, reach out to schedule an on-site meeting with our manager.

It takes a little time, but our past clients have all found it to be a clarifying, mind-easing, and even fun experience.

Request a Meeting

Add on to the Fun

There may be some things that you want for your grad night that we don't offer. Great! We love working with outside vendors. We just need to give prior approval to ensure our facility is appropriately prepared.

These are the things we've seen before:

  • Catering
  • Food / Ice Cream Trucks
  • DJ
  • Dance Floor

These are examples of things that would not be allowed:

  • Anything involving alcohol (even for adults)
  • Anything involving uncontained fire or pyrotechnics.
  • Anything involving weapons.
  • Things determined by our manager to be outside the scope of our insurance or local operating procedures.
Guests enjoy their experience in the ropes course.
A guest enjoying the first zip line of the ropes course.

To Surprise or Not?

Surprises can be exciting, but some things are better with preparation.

We strongly encourage letting students know about this adventure beforehand. We've found that letting students know about their Grad Night in advance has increased participation by about 20%!

Students who know ahead of time can prepare in a few ways:

  • Waivers can be completed early so there's nothing holding them back when they arrive.
  • They can be sure to wear appropriate shoes and clothing.
  • Students who are anxious about adventure activities have an opportunity to reach out to us in preparation for their visit.

How to Prepare

We've Got Your Back

Do review the information in this section, but also know that when you book a Grad Night, our staff will be in communication leading up to the day of event. We will pass on necessary steps to prepare several times.

How to be Best Prepared

  • Please arrange to bring chaperones. We ask that your school bring chaperones 5-25 chaperones (depending on group size). The chaperones are in place to help keep everyone where they're meant to be.
  • Review the requirements on this page and the "be prepared" sections on the ropes course, laser tag, axe throwing, and fun tower pages.
  • Make a note of students who have physical limitations that would prevent them from participating in our activities - this includes those with heart conditions, those with back and joint concerns, people who become lightheaded or faint easily, and those who are pregnant. These people should consult a doctor before participating and be prepared to not go up into the course. Don't worry, there is still plenty that they can do!
  • Everyone should have a completed waiver before they arrive. Waivers are online and can be completed anytime before your program.
  • Have students bring food or snacks or arrange to have something delivered. They will be hungry!
  • Wear close-toed shoes. They are a requirement for all of our activities.
  • Dress appropriately - students will be outside and active the entire time. Dress with layers as if you were going on a hike!
  • Bring plenty of water, this is a high intensity physical day.


  • All participants must weigh between 30 and 265 pounds.
  • Participants must be at least 12 years old to participate (in case you have any prodigies).
  • Those with heart conditions, those with back and joint concerns, people who become lightheaded or faint easily, and those who are pregnant should consult a doctor before participating. Don't worry, there is still plenty that they can do! Those with heart conditions or who are pregnant may not enter the ropes course.
  • Participants may not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Participants must have a valid High Trek Everett waiver completed within the past 360 days. Waivers from other High Trek locations are not accepted.
    A group waiver management email will be sent out upon booking.