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High Trek Summer Camp

An outdoor summer adventure to remember!

About High Trek Summer Day Camps

High Trek Summers Camps are an exciting and adventurous way to enrich your child’s summer days. While at our camps, your camper will have fun qualified counselors who will help your campers participate in traditional games like kickball, soccer, badminton and some non-traditional games like archery, fencing, and snookball, to name a few. If your child is signed up for one of our STEM camps, expect your camper to work through the scientific method with topics like: gravity, aerodynamics, pulleys & levers, orienteering, programming, engineering, game design, and others.

All Campers will have daily opportunities to explore our site by, climbing on our three-story Ropes Course, flying through the air on one of our zip lines, playing mini golf, and playing laser tag. Our trained staff will encourage your child to work with other campers, form relationships, solve problems, challenge themselves, and experience the frustration of failure and the thrill of success.

STEM Campers have three different options to pick from, Gravity Camp or Pioneering Camp or Laser Tag Camp. Gravity Camp is focused on aerodynamics through exploring drag, gravity, force, velocity and action reaction. Some of the activities they will participate in are an egg drop and a 2 liter water bottle rocket. Pioneering Camp is focused more on wilderness skills through exploring, map and compass usage, levers and pulleys and knot tying. Laser Tag Camp will focus on programming logic, game design, product development methodology, electronics, and other related technologies.  The camp will also focus on team work, collaboration, tactics, and strategy.

Sports & Adventure Camps will focus on sports, relays, and team activities. 2020 is a Summer Olympic Games year and High Trek will be continuing the Olympic theme with sports like soccer, archery, track and field and fencing. 

Age Requirements
STEM Camps ages 9-13
Sports & Adventure Camps ages 7-13

Full Day Camp Schedule

8:30am - 9:00am: Drop-off & Checkin  
9:00am - 12:00pm: Organized Activities and Programming 
12:00pm - 12:30pm: Lunch (Bring your own Sack Lunch)
12:30pm - 1pm: Free Choice Time - Snack Shop open.
1:00pm - 4:00pm: Organized Activities and Programming 
4:00pm - 4:15pm: Camper pick up
4:00pm - 5:00pm (after camp care available)

Half Day Afternoon Camp
Drop-off & Checkin is at 12:30pm and the schedule follows the full day schedule from that point.

Full Day Camp Schedule

Spring Break Day Camp:
April 6th - 10th - Adventure Camp - 5 day

Summer Day Camps:
June 22nd - 26th - STEM Gravity camp - 5 day
June 22nd - 26th - STEM Laser Tag camp - 5 day 
June 29th - July 1st - Sports & Adventure camp - 3 day
July 6th - 10th - STEM Pioneering camp - 5 day
July 13th - 15th - Sports & Adventure camp - 3 day
July 20th - 24th - STEM Gravity camp - 5 day
July 20th - 24th - STEM Laser Tag camp - 5 day 
July 27th - 29th - Sports & Adventure camp - 3 day
Aug 3rd - 7th - STEM Pioneering camp - 5 day
Aug 10th - 13th - Sports & Adventure camp - 3 day
Aug 17th - 21st - Sports & Adventure camp - 5 day 

Camp Pricing

STEM Camps
    $500 - Full Day Camp x 5 Days

Sports & Adventure Camps
   $375 - Full Day Camp x 5 Days
   $225 - Full Day Camp x 3 Days

½ Day Sports & Adventure Camps
   $250 - Half Day Camp x 5 Days
   $150 - Half Day Camp x 3 Days

After Camp Care (4pm-5pm, no before care)
   $25 for the week

   $10 per sibling discount
   $25 multi camp discount per camp attending

Drop-in (sports camps and ½ day camps only based on availability)
  $100 for all day
  $75 for ½ day 

More Details and Registration Coming In January

If you would like us to keep you posted as new information regarding our camp programming becomes available please enter your information below and we will keep you informed.  Camps will have limited spots available.

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