Ropes Obstacle Course

Everything you need to know about those giant jungle gyms sometimes known as a ropes course, obstacle course, challenge course, high ropes course or adventure course. 

Rope Bridge

One of the most basic obstacles you'll come across on a ropes course is a rope bridge. These are considered an easier "green" level element because you are mostly surrounded by the net so they are sometimes called "Taco Nets". These side ropes can be held onto as you traverse the element making it easier to balance. Rope bridges are a great introductary challenge for beginners. Another name for a rope bridge is a "sky net" or they can be an "incline bridge" if the net leads up or down like a staircase to another level of the challenge course.

Other Obstacles

Wave, Lily Pads, Barrels, V Bridge, Multi Lines, Paul's Skis, Klickety Klack, Monkey Feet, Cat Walk, Train Tracks, Spider's Web, Islands n' Sky, Jump 4 Joy, Kitten Crawl, Cargo Net, Chop Sticks, Pipe Dream, Thread Walk, Swing Logs, 4X4 Tension Traverse, Crazy Lines, Step Around Bridge, Burma Bridge, 2 Line Bridge, 3X Plank, Horizontal Ladder, Vines, Parallel Sticks, Heebie Geebie, Gauntlet, Modified Lemur, Bosun Loops, Climbing Poles, Burma Loops, Incline Sticks, Inline Burma, Suspension Mt. Tops, Diminishing Plats, Multi Lines with Buoys, Climbing Wall Panels, Perpendicular Sticks, Parallel Chop Sticks, Caterpillar, Deus, ALF, Ziplines

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