Boy Scout & Girl Scout Outings

We have a special program for scouting events.  

Boys and Girls, If your pack/troop would like to come to High Trek Adventures for a meeting or event we offer a one or two hour Scout ticket. Your group leader will need to schedule the event at least 1 week in advance and we will work with you to accommodate your entire group, including parents and siblings.

These special prices require a group of 12 or more participants. Parents and siblings are welcome to join. You can use our tables and chairs to have your normal weekly meeting with us if you wish.

90 Minute Climb
12 Guests Minimum

$45 $38
per person

90 Minute Climb
12 Guests Minimum

$55 $48
per person

Combo Scout Event: $52
Programming & High Ropes Course

Scout Programming Combo includes your choice of 60-minute archery or knots (from above), 30-min High Ropes Gear-up & Training, and 60-minutes on the High Ropes Course and Ziplines.  Total event length: 2.5 hours

Knot Tying: $25 per participant

+ Campers will practice 5 to 10 of the most common and useful knots
+ Campers will need to demonstrate their mastery of 5 knots
+ Campers will receive a 6 foot section of rope to take home to continue their practice
+ Campers will use their skills to build a shelter using rope and tarps along with their new knot knowledge (this activity is not used with the combo program)
+Program length is 90-Minutes and there is a 12 participant minimum

Archery Programing: $25 per Participant

+ Campers will use blunt tipped arrows to hits various targets
+ The archery program teaches about Force, gravity, energy, body mechanics along with following directions
+ All campers will be using a standard recurve safety bow with blunt tips while the targets are foam
+ Campers will shoot at targets in a standing position and then will have the opportunity to move through our archery obstacle course while shooting at targets (the obstacle course is not used with the combo program)
+ Program is 90-minutes and there is a minimum of 12 participants

$2.50ea. - Ropes Course Patch

We have some small scout patches your bold and brave challenge course accomplishments.  Scout leaders can buy 10 and get 2 free.

$2.50ea. - Zipline Patch

Ziplining is a milestone and experience worth celebrating and we have a patch to help you remember.  Scout leaders can buy 10 and get 2 free.

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