Recovery Beyond

Recovery Beyond
Fundraising Campaign

What is Recovery Beyond?

Recovery Beyond is a volunteer-driven program that works in partnership with current addiction treatment programs to provide two additional, critical success factors for long-term sobriety:
       1) a new, enduring lifestyle of healthy behaviors and activities; and
       2) a long-term community filled with positive relationships and support.

Healthy Lifestyles & Behaviors -
The Climbing Out program couples physical fitness with a host of other interpersonal skills to prevent the slide back into the destructive behavior patterns of the past. Recovery Beyond works with program climbers to provide a fresh spin on their current reality. By placing an emphasis on new possibilities, our participants are presented with a new alternative reality that forms the foundation to see the world around them in a new way. We do this by calling out the individual’s best personal attributes by challenging their skills, determination, and by modeling healthy behaviors and lifestyles they can incorporate into everyday life. Our mentors are there to listen and offer ideas about better ways to handle stress and the challenges that life poses. The length of the program allows these new attitudes and behaviors to take hold and become automatic and self-reinforcing.

It’s About Teamwork
The road to lasting recovery is a challenging one. We recognize that to be successful we cannot do it alone. This is why teamwork is central to our program. Through the team, participants are able to learn from each other and talk about the life changes they are experiencing. Further, mountain climbing, and other outdoor activities requires a team in order to reach their goals — this becomes a whole new experience. Over time, these relationships become a support community and set of friends that removes the temptation to side back into destructive habits or relationships.

How you can help!

Through May 15th, 2019, High Trek will provide an opportunity for you to support Recovery Beyond. When you use the Coupon Code "RecoveryBeyond" you will receive a 5% discount on your order, but more importantly, High Trek will donate 10% of the proceeds back to the Recovery Beyond organization. This offer is available at both our High Trek Adventures Ropes Course and at High Trek Laser Tag facility.

We encourage you to spread the word about the great things Recovery Beyond is doing and encourage the companies you work for to host a company picnic, morale event, or team building event at one of our facilities. We will donate 10% of the proceeds on all reservations that are made before May 15th, however, the events are not required to take place before that time.

Walk-ins are always welcome, space permitting. Feel free to call or email to verify availability.





Phone:  (425) 382-2966     Email: [email protected]      Address: 11928 Beverly Park Rd. Bldg C, Everett, WA 98204