Hours of Operation

Make us Open

If you want to visit High Trek Adventures on a day that we are closed (in red above) you can make us open by calling or emailing us to reserve your group of 6 or more participants on the course.  Give us a call to discuss this or any other event you would like such as a putt-putt party or group event.

Spring Availability Notice

We encourage you to make a reservation online rather than just walking in.  During the fall when the kids are in school and attendance is down, we may be making adjustments to our schedule and availability based on the weather outlook as well as the number of bookings.  Unfortunately, in order to operate our course we need to have enough visitors to cover the cost of staffing.  For these reasons we reserve the right to change our operating hours as late as 2 days before a reservation and without notice if there are no reservations.  By having a reservation, we will contact you to reschedule your visit for a time when the weather outlook improves or we have a larger concentration of guests. 

Phone:  (425) 382-2966     Email: info@HighTrekEverett.com      Address: 11928 Beverly Park Rd. Bldg C, Everett, WA 98204