The Best Gift: The gift of an Adventure!

Tired of giving your friends and family stuff that sits at the bottom of their closets or never gets used? How about giving them the gift of an experience with High Trek Adventures? Below are 2 ways of doing just that.

What are eGift Cards?

Give an eGift card with a preloaded balance of $25, $50, $75, $100, etc. This can be used towards anything sold at our High Trek locations including the ropes course & ziplines, mini-golf, laser tag, merchandise and snacks & beverage.

What are Voucher Packs?

These are the popular 90 minute TICKETS to our ropes course and ziplines. They are sold at a great value and are good thru the 2021 calendar year. These are single use so packs must be used in 1 visit.

1. Electronic Gift Cards

When buying gift cards, many customers ask how much to buy, based on the activities available. Below are some suggestions based on summer ticket prices and number of people the gift is for. Please keep in mind that these are only suggestions and the gift cards can be used like cash at our sites.

Based on our summer rates with tax:
$50 = 1 person for 90 minute climb and zip - or - 2 people for 60 min laser tag
$100 = 2 people for 90 minute climb and zip - or - 4 people for 60 min laser tag
$200 = 4 people for 90 minute climb and zip - or - 8-16 people for a 60 min laser tag

(If the recipient wishes to use the gift card during our winter months the amount will cover more)

We offer 1 or 2-hour ropes course experiences as well as mini-golf, laser tag and axe throwing.  Order and deliver the eGiftCard through an immediate email transmission or scheduled email delivery. The eGiftCard you receive via email can also be printed out, providing you with the ability to have physical gift presentation.

Our eGiftCards can be used for any experience, merchandise or snack at our venue.

Why give "stuff" when you can give a High Trek Adventure?

2. Prepaid Voucher Packs

Visit our Voucher Pack page for more details.

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