Fund Trek - High Trek's Fundraising Program

Provide a unique experience for people while raising support for your organization.

Would you like to take your fundraising to another level by connecting with a broad base of potential supporters and their families? Consider some of these new and exciting options from High Trek Adventures to inspire support for your cause!

Fundraiser Event

Schedule a Fund Trek Event and collect 15% or more of the sales. This program is great for PTA’s & other Groups. Here are the steps…
1. Pick a couple of preferred dates. Dates must be Monday-Thursday, during the school year, and can’t be during a break or holiday.

2. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page or call us to schedule a Fundraising Event and we will see if we can make one of your preferred dates work.

3. Promote the Fundraising Event to your constituency. Note: We will want to know your marketing plan up front and about the total potential reach of your promotion.

4. On the day of your event, any regular priced admission sales for the ropes course, mini-golf, or laser tag (excluding food, beverage & merchandise) will qualify for the fundraiser.

5. High Trek Adventures will mail a check to the fundraising organization within 7 days of the event.

Note: We can get about 200 to 300 people on the course in a day so this can be a great way to raise money quickly!  If you have a good experience, then make it an annual event.

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