Read 4 Adventure Program

Helping to encourage our youth to read and get active with Outdoor Adventure!

Why Read 4 Adventure?

High Trek Adventures understands how important it is for our kids to be reading! One of High Trek's great challenges is how to get our youth more physically active in the beautiful PNW outdoors. Unfortunately, the fast-paced online streaming and gaming industries are draining the precious days and hours of our youth. These are the same entertainment industries that keep our youth from gaining valuable skills and knowledge by reading. At High Trek Adventures, our goal is to team up with principals, teachers and librarians to overcome this challenge and encourage our youth to read and earn a memorable outdoor adventure. Students who achieve the goal will earn their choice of a ropes course or laser tag adventure having a retail value up to $45 or they can choose to receive a $50 credit toward a day of summer Adventure Camp. High Trek Adventures looks forward to investing in the precious youth in our local community. Will you join us? Our goal is to give out 10,000 tickets in 2022. Let's do it together!

2022 R4A Program is 100% Digital

This is our third year doing the program. This year we will continue to execute the program digitally. The digital program is simple for the students & parents to submit their reading logs, less effort for the administrators, and convenient with email delivery of the Free Ticket vouchers.

PDF's will be provided to Administrators for distribution and Parents/Students will be able to submit for their Ticket Vouchers online.

Read 4 Adventure - Basic Program Structure

1. Get your principal's approval to participate in the Read 4 Adventure Program.
2. Select a program organizer/administrator for your school. Some schools may want their librarians to organize this while others may want a PTSA member.
3. Designated Program Administrator must signup the school using the Read 4 Adventure Online Registration Form
4. Once registered, the Program Administrator will receive an email with the program instructions and reading log forms to provide to their students.
5. The program will run in the month of March and at the conclusion of the reading program the Administrator/School representative will only be required to review the digital list of submissions and validate the enrollment status of the students.
6. In April, High Trek Adventures will email a ticket voucher to the parent/guardian of the participating student with their selection of a 2021 ropes course or laser tag or adventure camp e-voucher. 

High Trek Ropes Course & Ziplines

Visit our extreme challenge course that includes 60+ obstacles and 3 ziplines for an adventurous time with friends and family. Located in the Mukilteo. Also at our location we have tactical laser tag and an 18-hole mini golf course.

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