COVID-19 Response & Policies

In these uncertain times, we would like to express our hope that you are doing well despite the unease that we are all feeling due to the uncertainty and inconvenience that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused us all. We should all strive to find the inner strength to be resilient for ourselves as well as to support our friends and families.

At High Trek Adventures we have implemented some new policies and procedures to ensure your safety and health are our top priorities. In accordance with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and recommendations on keeping a commercial establishment safe from Coronavirus, we are implementing the following:  

  • Each guest will be asked at registration if they have, or have been in contact with anybody that has experienced flu-like symptoms, or traveled out of the country over the last 14 days. If the answer is yes, they will be prohibited from participating, and granted a full refund.
  • All staff will be instructed to observe guests and be on the look-out for excessive coughing, shortness of breath and other flu-like symptoms. If observed, these guests will be asked to leave.
  • All indoor surfaces that experience regular contact by guests and staff will be disinfected several times/day. Keep in mind, the UV light from the sun seems to destroy the virus.
  • Staff will be prohibited from shaking hands with each other and with guests. They will be required to wash their hands on regular intervals.

In addition to these standard procedures, we will be implementing the following specific procedures for our business:

  • Our online booking portal will continue to be utilized to manage and stagger customer flow. We limit the number of guests to provide for appropriate social distancing. As necessary, the staff will also make on-site decisions to space groups out.
  • Guests will be encouraged to pre-sign the online waiver prior to their visit to minimize contact with on-site facilities. If a tablet is utilized to sign a waiver, it will be disinfected after each use.
  • We will still have gloves that can be borrowed and we encourage hand washing after your climb. We have also stocked up on gloves that we are going to be selling for just $3.50/pair (normal price $6.99).
  • While we will still allow 3 people on a platform if those participants are part of the same group, strangers are asked to wait on an element until another participant leaves the platform, to allow for social distancing.

With schools closed, if the weather stays above 50 degrees, now might be a great time to enjoy some quality time with your family at High Trek Adventures. Runners World magazine tells us that it is safer to be outside than inside, sunlight kills the virus, and there is a strong connection between regular exercise and a strong immune system. Also, we need to all focus on reducing the anxiety and stress our children are feeling due to this pandemic.

Please reach out to us by phone or via email with any questions. Also, let us know if you are interested in bringing a group of 15 or more on a day we are not scheduled to be open.  

Brad Halbach & Luke Goff 
Owners - High Trek Adventures 

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