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Winter Special
30% OFF Tickets

All General Admission tickets that are booked online through our website are on-sale through February.  Offer not available for walkin tickets.  All tickets must be booked online and a minimum of a day in advance.

Tickets to get you in the air!

Tickets are sold for a given number of hours on the course.  Your ticket includes gearing up and about 15 minutes of flight school training before your time on the course begins.

Captain's Course

Adult/Young Adult ( 11 Years & Up)
1 Hr/$35,   2 Hr/$45,   All Day/$80
  Sale:   1 Hr/$24   2 Hr/$31

Junior/Senior ( 7-10 Years & 60+) *
1 Hr/$22,   2 Hr/$33,   All Day/$60
  Sale:   1 Hr/$15   2 Hr/$23

  • Course features 3 levels from 15' to 50' and has over 60 challenge elements.  Also access to ziplines and drop stations.

  • * Juniors MUST be accompanied by an Adult or a Young Adult while exploring the Captain's Course or be approximately 56" tall in order to reach the safety lines without assistance.
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Cadet's Course

Kids 4 & Up      1 Hr/$18
      Sale Price:   1 Hr/$12

  • The Cadet's Course is all on the first level at 15 feet above the ground.  Their are 10 different challenge elements on this course.

  • The Cadet's Course features a safety line that is lower and easy for younger children to reach.  

  • Adults must be present on HTA property.  Adults have the option to purchase a Cadet's Course ticket to accompany their child through the course
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Zip Flight Tour

Zip Only ( ages 7+)                        $24
     Sale Price:      1 Hr/$16

  • 2 times through our 3 ziplines.  Total of 6 ziplines in 1-hour time slot.

  • Enter the course and go up 2 Cargo nets to get to our first zipline platform.

Upgrades are Available

If during your visit you would like to upgrade simply see any staff member and they can assist you.

Upgrade Cadet Course ticket to Junior ticket                      $14

Course time will not be extended with this upgrade.

Upgrade Zip Only ticket to Captains Course                 $9 / $21   

Upgrade price depends on age. Juniors/Seniors are $9 and Adult/Young Adult are $21
You will receive an additional hour with this upgrade. 

Reservation Policy

It is difficult to predict when business will be busy so we recommend using our online reservation feature to ensure that we reserve harnesses for you. Although we strongly encourage online reservations, if you want to call in the reservation, first create an account on our site by completing the online waiver form in the lower left hand corner of any screen (no scrolling necessary). Next, we ask that you call at least 48 hours before your preferred arrival time. Also, please understand that when it gets very busy in the office, we sometimes are unable to pick up the phone. If this happens, we suggest you leave a message and we will call you back to book your reservation as soon as we are able. We do have a “Rain Check” policy where reservations may be rescheduled outside of the 48 hour window due to inclement weather but the rescheduled time must take place within 2 weeks of the original time and is subject to availability. Please make sure you arrive ½ hour before your reservation time slot to allow time for check-in, gear-up, and flight school. Reservations are non-cancellable, non-refundable, non-reschedulable on the day of the reservation or thereafter.

Save by purchasing tickets in bulk.

We offer 10 & 20 packs of tickets at savings up to 30% over purchasing individual tickets.

Walk-ins are always welcome, space permitting. Feel free to call or email to verify availability.





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