Aerial Party Packages

All packages include 1-hour admission for 10 participants.
To reserve your date and time book now directly below. If you have questionns or need help planning your event, call or submit the inquiry form at the bottom of the page.  

Cadet's Course

$200 $190

Great for 4-7 Year Olds, Adults are encouraged to participate but not required.

Ground School, Access Limited to First Level Course, 9 Obstacles, lower cable system for easy reach, no Ziplining

Captain's Course & Ziplines

$350 $290

For Ages 7-Adult. Children 7-10 must be accompanied by an adult* (see adult to child ratios below)

Includes Full Access to Ropes Course with 60 Challenges on 3 Levels, Auto Belay Drop Experience & Ziplining

Mini Golf Add-On $4ea.

Add 18-holes of Mini Golf to your party for $40, includes 10 participants. 

Included in Package
"The Perks"

Reserved picnic tables - After your time in the air, you are welcome to utilize our party area. In the spring & summertime we have picnic tables under our shade sails and in the fall/winter we have a large tent to gather under.

Bottled waters - included in the package is a bottled water for each participant.

Paper plates - We have paper plates available for your pizza, birthday cake or any other food items you would like to bring.

Cups - We have plastic cups available if you bring your own beverage. We also have chips and pop available for purchase.

Plastic utensils - Customers can bring their own food or dessert and we will provide utensils as needed.


Freezer and small fridge are are available if needed - If you have an ice cream cake or item that needs to go in the freezer or fridge, we are usually able to accomodate if it is not too large of an item.

Cleanup - Don't worry about cleaning up all the mess, we've got you covered.

Make it a Pizza Party

We can order XL Cheese, Pepperoni or Hawaiian Papa John’s pizzas for $17ea. Specialty XL pizzas are $20. Pizzas are 16” and have 10 slices each. We recommend 1 pizza for every 5 youth and 1 pizza for every 4 adults.  Typically, pizza deliveries will be scheduled for when your course time is over.

Pizza is not required if you want to bring something else for a meal. Guests are also welcome to bring their own cake, cupcakes or dessert items.

As stated above, bottled water is included for the participants. Additionally, we have cans of pop and bags of chips available for purchase. 

Party Agenda

You can expect at least 2 to 2 ½ hours of fun and party time at our venue.

15-30 minutes for check-in and gear-up
15 minutes of flight school training
1 hour on the course
1 hour in the party area after the time on the course
Additional 30-45 Minutes if you are playing mini-golf or other activity.
Note: Extended Course Time is available by request.  Just let us know and we can give you a quote for a longer course experience.

Important Party Tips

To book a party, create an online account by completing the waiver no matter whether you will be participating on the course or not (link located in lower left of any screen, no scrolling necessary).  That way, we will have your contact information to associate with the event and email receipts.   Once completed, call us to schedule the event or fill out the inquiry form below and we will call you.

Make sure everyone in your party has a waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian before you arrive. Waivers can be filled out electronically in advance for your convenience.   Here is the url to the waiver form that you can provide to guests in your invitations:  You can email us a list of your guests at any time to review who has yet to complete the waiver.

All participants on the ropes course and ziplines must wear closed toe shoes.

Please arrive 30 minutes before your “air time” (45 minutes for 13 or more participants) to get everyone checked in so that ground training can start on time.

Regarding payment, a 50% deposit will be made to reserve the party and the balance will be due upon arrival. If there are additional add-ons between the time of reservation and arrival, those will be charged in full at the time of ordering.  Also, upon arrival you can open up a tab with your credit card and let your guests come in and get snacks or beverages at their liesure.  Then come in and close the tab at the end of the event.

Please be aware that there is a possibility your party area may be booked immediately following the end of your party. Please be prepared to leave the party area right at the end of the party. 

*Captains Course - Children 7-10 year olds must be accompanied by an adult or a young adult.  7-8 year olds must be "buddied up" at a 1/1 ratio of adult/participant.  9 year olds at a 1 to 2 ratio.  10 year olds at a 1 to 3 ratio.  11+ may go independantly on the course.

Phone:  (425) 382-2966     Email:      Address: 11928 Beverly Park Rd. Bldg C, Everett, WA 98204